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Solodev Remodels the CMS Landscape

By December 5, 2012 Web Development No Comments

Solodev is attempting to change the CMS landscape by creating an all-in-one content management system that can be used for far more than just websites. While most CMS web developers focus on either blogs, online magazines, or enterprise websites, Solodev wants to also allow users to build and manage social media apps, native smartphone apps, mobile sites, and more.
Solodev is expanding the definition of CMS to include ecommerce engine support, B2B tools, and native apps. Shawn Moor, founder and CTO of Solodev said that his software will give organizations full control over their online presence. He explained “The addition of smart phone app functionality eliminates the need to learn a separate software system or rely on a developer to edit content after the app is built. There is no other product on the market that gives users control over all online channels the way Solodev does.”
Solodev’s all in one CMS will:
• Allow management of traditional websites, native mobile apps, and mobile sites
• Support syndication of content to social streams
• Allow the building and management of ecommerce stores
• Support streamlined data management
The software is relatively new, and one of the organizations to adopt it was Volusia County in Florida. The county is using the CMS to build and manage an app for lifeguards and beach-safety personnel. County employees can update the app with information about the conditions on the county’s beaches, and this information will be communicated seamlessly to the county’s main website.
Whether or not Solodev’s app will take off with other organizations remains to be seen, especially considering how invested most companies are in their existing website architecture. However, if you were building a website from the ground up today, it could well be a good option.

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