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Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Like
Products Designed to Suit Exclusively His/Her Needs?

With an increasing relevance of online designing tools for custom products, e-commerce has enormously contributed to their creation ease using a unique, personal flair. Magento custom product designer offers diverse items, including bags, cups, jewelry, caps, as well as other things specifically for users.

Utilizing this innovative Magento software solution, each client can create, modify, virtually personalize and visualize the desired material in real time. Besides, customers can track the process and make corrections, since it is available only with a single mouse click. It is definitely an advantageous experience for you to allow a customer show his/her creative flair and design anything he/she wants and order such a service.

Magento online designer provides your clients with enough freedom to make customized patters within your store, having a wide range of designs to produce. Cups, shirts, pens or anything else – no difference what creating tool is utilizing. You can always choose from a simple web to print solutions, online production creating functions or every mentioned feature in a complex Magento option.

Additionally, with the partner’s LiveArt program you will have a chance to significantly increase sales and attract new audiences.

Advantages of LiveArt Designer
for Development of E-commerce Platforms

Product Designer is very easy to integrate and manage
Despite LiveArt is easily implemented software, and it is available for various platforms, its benefits are undeniable.

Production Creating and Individualizing Opportunities

  • Completely personalized online modifier installed on your platform;
  • Full operation of the product on actual, recent sites;
  • Free customer support and updates;
  • Flat-fare licensing fee without extra fees or commissions;
  • Accessible upgrades with CSS/HTML themes.
Of course, the possibilities with LiveArt Product Designer Software are endless.
Online Product Designer has many color options

T-shirt design software

Product design software makes your online tshirt design options impressive thanks to:
  • Automatic colorizing in designs
  • The automated use of vector templates
  • A fixed printable area for clean designing
  • Uniform colorizing across multiple panels
  • Functionality suitable for any promo product
With Product Designer Tool you can design almost everything

Custom Shapes

Design phone cases, pen cases or anything else under the sun with:
  • Designs ideal for custom shapes
  • Masked applications for non-printable regions on designs
  • Output shows only the visible area
Product Designer has various sizing options

Paper Goods

Allow your customers to design their own stationary, business cards, sign and banners with:
  • Both preset and arbitrary sizing options
  • Rulers and checkered background for measured designs
  • Additional bleed, fold and cut lines printed for easy use
Make custom shapes designs with Online Designer Tool

Text Decoration

No matter how your customer plans to use text in his or her design, it must be impressive. Fortunately with online printing solutions you can create these using:
  • Both preset and arbitrary sizing options
  • Rulers and checkered background for measured designs
  • Standard paragraph alignme
  • Letter and line spacing adjustment options
  • Arches and circle effects
  • Raster-based text effect abilities
  • Size fields to allow precision adjustments for text
  • A wide range of text and stroke colors
  • Tablet and touch-screen functionality
Magento Designer Tool with colorized graphics


Of course no design is complete without a logo or artwork. With the LiveArt Product Designer the customer is in control of his or her own design with:
  • The ability to quickly upload customized artwork or refer to a URL
  • Support for multiple file formats including JPG, PNG and GIF files as well as vector graphics like SVG
  • The ability to create images on multiple customized layers
  • Full bodied color selections for art and strokes
  • Multiple galleries including simple navigation
  • The ability to search for online designs through the product software
Preview designs with Product Designer

Design Previews

And of course the design software must be able to present a design summary for your customer. Fortunately, the design preview through LiveArt is impressive:
  • The design summary includes the selected product including side-by-side color section and a full list of objects
  • Sizing quantities selected easily
  • Customize your Add to Cart statement as well as customize the design approval process
  • Easily load and save designs
  • Fully customize all designs