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How to Start an Online Store

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Every merchant entering eCommerce business asks the same question – how to open an online store. The task should be performed maximally fast, professionally and cost-effective.

Starting online store can be compared to cooking a dinner. You have 3 ways to achieve the goal:

  1. Do it yourself
    At first, you should be clear about a recipe. Then you’ll have to spend a good part of time on shopping and buying all required ingredients. Finally, you will expend the rest of energy on cooking. To achieve a good result, the products should be the freshest and you need to have required kitchen utensils as well as possess certain skills, food hacks and even inspiration.
    Pros: complete control over the process
    Cons: time-consuming, requires certain knowledge and skills, all responsibility on your own shoulders
  2. Hire a professional
    Seems simpler than do everything yourself, but take into account that you’ll need time to interview every candidate to find a reputable chef with off hours. Moreover, be ready to pay a pretty sum as professionals always take serious money.
    Pros: all your requirements considered
    Cons: expensive, time-consuming
  3. Profit by out-of-the-box solution
    Eating out implies getting a freshly cooked meal for only a few bucks. You don’t have to rack your brains how to prepare the desired meal and where to get the ingredients. Just get everything on a silver platter!
    Pros: fast, tasty, at a reasonable price
    Cons: –

The same is with opening an online store:

Do it yourself

Select the eCommerce platform, create website store, buy domain name and hosting, organize data migration, check all settings, install modules, deal with coding and bugs, etc.
Pros: complete control over the process
Cons: time-consuming, requires certain knowledge and skills, all responsibility on your own shouldersdo_it_yourself

Hire a professional

There are so many developers ready to proffer their services. You should conduct a serious research to find an experienced professional with solid reputation as it is referred to your business security. Moreover, a single-handed professional developer work will cost you a tidy sum.
Pros: all your requirements considered
Cons: expensive, time-consuminghire_a_professional

Profit by out-of-the-box solution

Online store builder allows you to get an eCommerce business on a silver platter! A team of developers with many years’ experience will create an online store for you within the shortest possible time and provide you with the “after-sale” service.
Pros: fast, efficiently, at a reasonable price
Cons: –solution

Taking all the aforesaid into consideration, out-of-the-box solution is more advantageous. Let’s find out what this web store builder service means using L@unch Box as an example.store builder

A team of experienced developers is ready to create your own online store, which will satisfy your business requirements. The website is built on Magento – the most popular eCommerce platform.

Besides the store, you get a number of additional benefits:

Domain Name

We do all the work about finding and registering a domain name that fits your business and branding. Forget about clumsy and unrecognizable links. We make your website URL search-engine-friendly and human-readable.

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Considering a number of criteria (your business area, supposed web traffic volume, etc.), we offer you a high quality hosting on a reliable server, specifically configured for the optimal Magento performance.


Responsive Design

The most prevalent trend in eCommerce is website optimization for multi-device experience. We develop a mobile-friendly storefront that will make your online store eye-catching and easy to use from a wide range of devices.

Google Analytics

To achieve the commercial success, every merchant should have an efficient tool for measuring and monitoring the progress of his\her online store. As Google Analytics is the best analytics software, we create a GA account for you. It gives you a real-time insight into various aspects of your website performance, including how, what and when is purchased as well as not purchased at your store.

MailChimp Integration

To manage subscribers as well as organize, run and track email campaigns fast and efficiently, a special software is required. MailChimp is one of the most popular online email marketing solutions. Accessed through a web- or mobile-based application and integrated with your store, this service helps you give a boost to your email marketing.

X Magento Extensions

Though Magento has many already implemented features, additional extensions make your online store more user-friendly and your business more profitable. Depending on the L@unch Box plan , up to 7 must-have extensions are installed on your website:

One Step Checkoutsimplify the buying process by reducing checkout steps

Social Media Bundle – allow your customers to share your website content on popular social media networks

Daily Deals – create and schedule multiple time-limited promotions with countdown timer

Refer a Friend – launch a loyalty and rewards program in your store

Follow up Email – implement a robust auto-responder and customer relationship tool

Help Desk Ultimate – set up powerful support ticket management system

Bundle Creator – allows your customers create customizable bundles from a pre-defined variety of options and products


eBay/Amazon Integration

Benefit from multi-channel retailing by listing your website inventory onto eBay\Amazon, the most popular marketplaces. We set up the integration so that all the orders are imported to your online store backend and processed there.


Blog is one of the most popular ways to build a business brand authority, improve your website SEO and communicate to your audience.

Y Hours of Support

We guarantee the high quality of our work. Nevertheless, we want our clients to be sure that they can return to us in the case of emergency. You are unlikely to need them, but you have up to 20 hours support.

To learn more about L@unch Box plans and pricing, please visit the store builder page.

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