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Are You Ready for Selling Season?

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Early Black Friday sales have finally started. Stores offer hot deals and discounts every day. E-commerce merchants are in expectation of yearly increased revenue. Last year Adobe reported new online sales records for Black Friday and Thanksgiving Day: $2.4 billion and $1.33 respectively. Therefore, this year, every retailer would like to get a piece of this pie.

magento extension saleRetailers use different marketing and psychological tricks to hunt shoppers during this holiday season. Striving to maximize profit and boost their sales, they play on customers’ basic impulses and offer big savings.

During Pre Black Friday sales, merchants use various sales-driving tactics. Urgency and scarcity principles are among the most popular that used to increase eCommerce sales.

It has been noticed that nothing boosts consumers’ activity like creating urgency around a purchase decision. Display your stock quantity or\and add a countdown to your online store pages and speed up the buying process. Benefit from the “fear of missing out” what implies the regret of not being able to seize the opportunity.

magento countdown

To create a sense of emergency by displaying a countdown timer in a Magento online store, a merchant should get a Daily Deals extension. This Magento module is easy to install. Moreover, the package contains a detailed guide, so any non-tech person can manage with the installation process. Daily Deals is compatible with all major Magento versions – the extension has been thoroughly tested on – Finally, this module is extremely flexible for configuration and offers 15+ powerful features that allow you set up maximally profitable deals.

daily deals magento extension

Highlight your deals with:

  • “Save X%” label
    Pique your customers’ interest quickly and give them a powerful boost to buy: the catchy label shows how much your customers can gain from the deal.
  • “Y item(s) left” notice
    Benefit from the scarcity principle as nothing motivates better than fear of losing out on something. Limited quantity makes the product more desirable.
  • Countdown timer
    Use scarcity technique and stimulate customers to take immediate buying decision, otherwise, low price might soon be gone. Count down to the second when your Black Friday & Thanksgiving deals will become unavailable.

Moreover, make sure your customers won’t miss out on a profitable deal – display countdown timer on category pages as well as on product pages and separate Active Deals page.

Active Deals page

  • Deals slider
    Deals slider is an extremely effective and powerful way to draw your customers’ attention. Displayed on every store page, its dynamism captures the eye and makes your website more engaging and interactive.

deals slider

  • Special Deals page
    Let your customers find the most attractive offer by visiting a single page with all active deals and not browsing your entire website.

Besides adding catchy elements to sale goods, your deals can be displayed in special sidebar blocks on product and category pages. Thus even if only one deal is currently active, it will be visible at any category or item page. The more shoppers will see the offer, the more customers will seize the opportunity to save money.

If you have multiple offers, you can configure them to be shown in special blocks filled in automatically:

  • Top selling
  • Mostly viewed
  • Random deal items
  • Upcoming

product page

The Daily Deals Magento extension is easy to use and creating a new deal is no trouble. Just follow these intuitive steps:

  1. Select a product you want to sell with discount
  2. Specify the deal price and product quantity available for the deal
  3. Schedule the deal
  4. Specify the store where the deal will be shown
  5. Save the configuration.

Even if the deal is active, you can edit it and change the value of the Deal Quantity field.

new deal

Running deals efficiently is impossible without real-time statistics and analysis. With the Daily Deals extension, you can track your offers – active and completed – and make required changes when it is necessary.


The Daily Deals Magento extension is simple for configuration – all settings can be found at one page and require no special technical knowledge. So, you can:

  • turn on\off separate Deals page
  • show how many items left for the deal
  • enable\disable countdown timer
  • specify the message shown to customers when the product is sold out or the deal expires

deals configuration

  • make your Deals page SEO-friendly by specifying page title and meta description

daily deals ceo

  • enable\disable special deal blocks – top selling, mostly viewed, random, upcoming
  • change special deal block name and its position on the page

daily deals page

  • change the color of countdown timer text, background, and notes

deals color

  • enable\disable deals slider and adjust it – change its title, color of background, header and header background
  • set up slide duration
  • enable\disable slide autostart


Organize hot deals right now with the Daily Deals Magento extension!


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