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Zendesk Partners With Magento

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Ecommerce company Zendesk has partnered with Magento, to offer users of their cloud-based eCommerce suite better integration. The agreement, which was announced at the MagentoLive conference in the UK, means that Zendesk’s customers will be able to take advantage of the company’s customer service channels via any Magento-powered site.
Setting up a new eCommerce website, complete with customer service capabilities, will take “a matter of seconds” thanks to the new integration. In addition, customer service employees will be able to access consumer data directly through the Magento eCommerce system.
Communication will be two-way, so people working in sales or customer service can stick with the platform they are most familiar with. There is no-need for re-training or migration if companies do not want to take advantage of the new features.
Zendesk VP of Business Development, Conan Reidy, said of the new integration that it “is a direct result of feedback from our many retail customers. Innovative ecommerce companies are recognizing that customer satisfaction is based on the complete customer experience, from sales to support and back again. This integration helps ensure that they work together seamlessly…”
Magento is now considered to be a Gold Level Industry Partner of Zendesk, thanks in part to this new integration, as well as the release of their Software as a Service platform, Magento Go, back in July of this year.
Zendesk is used by more than 20,000 companies, from relatively small independent online stores to big-names such as Adobe and Sony.

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