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New Cloud Security for WordPress

By April 8, 2013 Blog No Comments

Web development company NoiseCorp has launched a new cloud security service that is designed to help small business owners protect their websites from malicious content. Their service, called IPVenger, will protect websites from comment spam, 0-hour exploits, and other malicious attacks.
The long-term plan is for the service to be made available for several open-source CMS products, including WordPress, which is used to power almost 70 million websites. The WordPress product is available now, and Joomla and Drupal versions are planned for the near future.
The service uses NoiseCorp’s proprietary CyberThreat Inteilligence to block malware, botnets, comment spam and both known and unknown exploits. The system’s easy to use dashboard offers real-time insights and analytics, and allows webmasters to see the threats that they have been protected from. Users have control over the level of their security settings, allowing them to relax them for updates, testing, or in the unlikely event of a false positive.
The IPVenger product is a WordPress plugin. It is installed and used just like any other WordPress plugin or Magento extension and does not require specialist knowledge or technical skills to operate.
IPVenger is a premium product. Prices for the plugin start a $10/month for a site that has a relatively small amount of traffic, and run up to $45month for medium traffic sites. If you have exceptionally high traffic, then NoiseCorp will work with you to come up with a bespoke plan. This fee goes towards maintaining and updating the plugin as new security threats evolve.
If the price is intimidating, consider the inconvenience (and the lost revenue) that you would experience if your website went down for a long time due to a malware attack. Think of this as being like a burglar alarm for your website. The investment will pay for itself in peace of mind.

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