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WordPress Gets Send to Kindle Button

By April 3, 2013 Blog No Comments

Until recently, users who wanted to send web pages to their kindle to read them later needed to install a browser plugin to do so. This isn’t a problem for your home PC, but it is inconvenient for those that read a lot from work, or travel frequently and use shared PCs in hotels and Internet cafes.
To make life easier for programmers, including Magento programmers and for those people, and ensure that web publisher’s content reaches as large an audience as possible, Amazon has released a “Send to Kindle” plugin which WordPress bloggers and other content creators can add to their websites.
The button can currently be seen in action on several popular websites, including Boing Boing, TIME and The Washington Post. We can be sure that many other publishers will add the button in the near future. Publishers can style the button by changing the size, font and color until they find something that fits perfectly with their theme.
To send content to their kindles, all users have to do is click the button. As long as they are authenticated with Amazon, the content they send will be made available on their favorite kindle device (be that the app, or a dedicated reader) the next time that device gets an Internet connection.
If you aren’t currently publishing with Kindle, you should consider doing so. If you update your blog frequently, you may be able to earn some money by making your blog available as a subscription based blog on the service. It’s free to sign up, and Amazon will give you advice on pricing when you add your blog. Even if you decide not to charge, it’s worth having a presence on the service to promote your content an reach as big an audience as possible, and it would be good to have such an option in Magento too.

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