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Joomla Day – Community Building Update

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Earlier this month, Christopher Nielsen, CEO of CNP Integrations, presented a talk about community building at the Joomla! Day event held at Microsoft’s NERD Center in Boston. The talk, which took place on March 16th, was titled “Answering the right questions for effective community building”.
Joomla! Day is an annual celebration of the Joomla! CMS. Nielsen’s session answered some of the most pressing questions about how to turn Joomla! websites into community driven sites with a self-sustaining, positive atmosphere, which is important for us as well as Magento programmers.
Nielsen outlined a “community building success program”, and explained how, over the last few years he has seen some amazing community building tools emerge. The talk outlined how to build an online community, as well as how to extend the reach of your offline community and bring those offline users to your website. Nielsen believes that the strategies that he described can be used to build a community on any CMS, not just Joomla! However, the power and flexibility of this open-source CMS make it eaiser to extend it and to add must-have community features.
Community building may have stolen the show at the NERD center, but it was not the only thing that was talked about. Other sessions at the celebration included talks about e-learning, marketing, and social interaction. There were presentations by many well known designers, coders, and internet marketing experts. If you use the Joomla! CMS and have never been to one of the celebration days, you should add it to your calendar for next year. It is a great opportunity for networking and learning, and will greatly enhance your business and the way you work with the Joomla! CMS.
CNP Integrations specializes in working with small and medium sized businesses, as well as government agencies and non-profit organizations. The company was a bronze sponsor at Joomla! day.

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