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Google Releases New Web Development Tools

By September 1, 2012 Web Development No Comments

Google has just released two new internally developed tools that aim to make life a lot easier for web developers. One of the tools is designed to help developers spot memory leaks in JavaScript code, while the other is a library written in Dart, which is used to help developers access Google APIs.
The Leak Finder tool is used to help developers identify unreferenced objects that have not been disposed of properly by JavaScript’s built-in garbage collection. The tool can be used to supply human-readable information, or information in a format that can be sent to automated testing software, easing the development burden significantly.
Javascript’s built-in garbage collection is useful, but there are many cases when it fails to work properly, and this is what leak finder is designed to rectify.
The Dart tool is designed to offer a better alternative to JavaScript for developers working on complex web applications (for example, magento ecommerce development). The library was developed by Sam McCall, a software engineer at the company. He wrote the library in his “20 percent time”, the time that Google employees are allowed to spend working on personal projects and research and development. Employees are designed to experiment with new ideas, and can work on pet-projects, with no expectation of returns or success. These projects have created many interesting products, some of which have become a part of the key Google ecosystem once development has been completed.
The library can be used to connect to 35 different Google API based services, including Google Calendar, Google+, and their URL shortener. There are several sample applications which developers can download to get an idea of how the tools can be used.
The release of these two tools is part of Google’s continued commitment to open web technologies. The company wants to see the web standards ecosystem grow and flourish over the next several years, and is supporting web developers that want to worth with their infrastructure.

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