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WordPress for Android Boasts New Stats

By November 11, 2012 News No Comments

While Magento developers are focusing on the Magento Extensions, WordPress got a nice update earlier this week, in the form of WordPress for Android 2.2, an updated version of the mobile application that allows blog owners to manage their sites on the go. The new version of the app includes a Featured Images function which lets users manage images easily from within the mobile app, rather than requiring them to use the web interface to perform basic tasks.
Another interesting addition to WordPress for Android is the ability to view detailed stats, including Views by Country, and Topp Posts. The stats feature works automatically for blogs hosted on WordPress.com, but self-hosted blog owners will need to install the Jetpack plugin (which is a free download) before they can take advantage of in-app stats.
In addition to feature improvements, the new mobile app also has several bug fixes, updated translations for Swedish, Hungarian, and Catalan users. Korean language support has been added too.
Android users aren’t the only ones enjoying updates, however. There is also a new app available for iOS users. This app boasts support for iOS 6, as well as the iPhone 5. As would be expected, there are several stability improvements and bug fixes in this version too. Users can download the new version of the app from the iTunes App Store. The app requires iOS 4.3 or newer.

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