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Test Joomla 3.0 Beta Today!

By November 16, 2012 News No Comments

Joomla 3.0 is due out in a few days, but you, as a web developer, don’t have to wait to check it out. If you’re a big fan of Joomla, a developer, or an advanced user, then you can download Joomla 3.0 Beta version today.
The beta version boasts several improvements, including:
• Twitter bootstrap incorporated as a jui media package
• An improved administrative interface
• A new front-end template
• A PostgreSQL driver to allow you to run Joomla 3.0 on top of PostgreSQL
• PHP Memcached Driver
• Improved feed management with JFeed
• The ability to install language packages from the extension manager
• The Guest user group is now present by default
• You can now save blank articles
• Improved statistics module for administrators
• TinyMCE version 3.5.6 is now available
• Several code and database improvements that should boost performance
• Smart search improvements
• Testing improvements
You can download the beta version from Joomla.org.
It is not a good idea to install the beta version on a production website, but this is a good option for people that want to get a sneak peak of what’s coming in Joomla 3.0. If you are eager to get the new version running on your website, then you don’t have long to wait – the full version is released on the 27th September 2012.

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