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Mobile Apps Made Easy Thanks to Kleverbeast

By March 8, 2013 News No Comments

Developing a good mobile app takes a lot of work. While Apple has tried to make the experience of developing for iOS as smooth as possible, learning XCode and figuring out how to take control of your “face” on the App Store is not a simple undertaking, especially if you come from a web development background instead of the traditional software development space.
There have been several attempts to make rapid app development platforms, including Magento, but many of these do little more than convert website RSS feeds into a simplistic apps that add little value for the end user.
Kleverbeast aims to solve this by offering users a web-based interface that looks and feels like a traditional CMS. Users can build-out their apps in this system, and then once they’ve finished they can turn the app into an .ipa file for publication on the App Store.
Kleverbeast is a subscription service – plans star at $29.99 per month for basic features, and go up to $199 for more advanced features. You can upload your ipa package to the App Store yourself if you have an Apple Developer Account (which costs $99), or you can have Kleverbeast update the app for you. If you decide to let your subscription lapse, then you will still be allowed to keep your app and it will stay active on the store if you’ve uploaded it, but you won’t be able to make any changes to the app unless you resubscribe.
Kleverbeast apps are more attractive and more flexible than the typical “this app is really just a quick link to the website” offerings that many turnkey developers churn out, but the service still follows the template model, so there is always some danger that your app will end up looking strikingly similar to a rival app created by the service. If you’re going to use something like Kleverbeast, take care to customize things as much as possible to ensure you’re offering something of value to your users.

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