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Big Updating Coming for WordPress for Windows Phone

By January 30, 2013 Blog No Comments

Version 1.81 of WordPress for Windows Phone has just been released, and the developers are already making plans for Version 1.9!
The Version 1.81 update is a relatively minor one, including a couple of layout improvements and some stability updates. The changelog for the new version listed ten crash and/or bug fixes, including:
• Fixed crashes relating to empty translation strings
• Fixed crashes caused if a there was a corrupted image contained in the media library when trying to edit a post
• Fixed a layout issue affecting users with HTC 8X devices
The full milestone information for this version is available on the WordPress for Windows Phone Trac website. It makes interesting reading, if you’re a web developer. It’s always nice to see detailed updates and patch notes from software companies – even Open source ones seem to be offering them far less often!
The big news, however, comes with the mention of Version 1.9. The developers are promising that this will be a bigger update, as it should be, since it’s a major release number.
The roadmap for Version 1.9 promises the addition of Featured Image tools, as well as an overhaul of the Editor page. Users of WordPress for Windows Phone are invited to send feedback on the new version, as well as future requests for 1.9 and beyond. The mobile and tablet apps for
WordPress still have a little way to go before they’re as fully featured as the browser versions, but it’s always nice to see them making progress.

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