Who Bought This Also Bought Magento 2

Who Bought This Also Bought Magento 2

In case there are many products in your shop, it is vital to have automatic recommendations of similar or related items. The moment a customer picks a thing and views it, he/she can see other useful products that are commonly purchased together. This extension casts around the database for other items that have been purchased along with a currently chosen thing. When any variants are possible, they are suggested to the customer. With ultimate features ‘Who Bought This Also Bought’ extension guarantees rapid growth of your cross-sells and its promotion to the next level.

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Customers Who Bought This Also Bought Magento 2

Considering the revolutionary impact of e-commerce, you can notice constantly increasing opportunities and solutions for shop popularization and customization. Magento extensions are aimed at customers’ attraction and sales increase. This peculiar option provides your client with a notion about useful products available in the store. Usually, customers pay much consideration to such items and buy them faster. This function helps people make correct decisions and purchase the things they might need.

Advantages of Magento Extension

According to the statistics, people, who used the option in their online stores, managed to significantly increase sales and boost the income. However, the feature is beneficial not only for shop-owners, but also for their customers. Among its main merits are:

  • Convenience buying necessary products;
  • Perfect reminder of possibly needed items;
  • Great tool to advance sales and encash things.