Bundle Creator

Bundle Creator
The Bundle Creator extension will let your customer create his own individual bundle of products from your store. For example, a bundle offer can consist of 1 dress+1 pair of shoes for $100. Unlike a typical bundle, packaging gives customers the flexibility of choosing their own products from pre-determined categories. In the example above, a customer will be able to choose a dress from a list of 20 dresses, and bundle it with one of the 20 pairs of shoes offered.

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Product Builder Magento – Design Exclusive Extension Suiting Your Needs

Innovative tools, revolutionary instruments together with modern solutions can attract customers. Looking for one of such options, you should try effective bundle maker that provides clients with a chance to build their own purchase patterns and shop owners – to significantly increase sales. Magento builder is an exclusive item that lets your customers design customized, individual set of products from available articles. For instance, a typical offer can consist of 1 pair of shoes + 1 skirt for $100. Contrary to trivial bundles, this exclusive offer provides buyers with ultimate flexibility to select necessary things from pre-determined categories. Recollecting the above mentioned example, it is important to emphasize that customers can select one skirt from more than 20 others and bundle it with any shoes from another set of 20 articles. With Magento builder the whole process is rather simple, so that even an inexperienced shop administrator can cope with it. Engaging such configurable feature as production bundler, you get an exceptional chance to drive sales and boost selling clearance.

How to Create Unique Bundle Product in Several Simple Steps

Most commonly product building processes with Magento extensions are fast and almost effortless. You will have to make only several steps, including the following:

  • Design and name extra bundling product. For instance, “White skirt”;
  • Mention more than two configurations for stack, such as “Handbag”, “White skirt”, “Jewelry”;
  • Fill each category with goods: 5 types of white skirts, 10 handbags, etc.;
  • Set up a corresponding cost for each group, for example, $200 for 5 items (single product from each item). At this point, Magento builder will start advancing incomes, as well as promoting the store on the market.

Advantageous Tool for Successful Platforms

Using the offered configuration, customers will be able to opt for necessary production in diverse categories and build them into separate stacks. In this case, he/she will pay special cost for the deal while the price is commonly lower, if compared to individually purchased items.

Magento builder allows an indefinite quantity of various combinations. This perfect tool is undoubtedly useful, especially if you need to improve client experience or increase sales. This highly innovative option allows working with grouped, adjustable items making it increasingly preferred by website administrators. Magento tool also stimulates buyers to order more, since the prices are lower.


Customer Reviews 2 item(s)

Very Good Extension
Simple but very useful extension. I use it for clearance and customers really like it.
Review by Alice / (Posted on 3/5/2015)
Works Great!
I highly recommend this extension! It is really excellent one, and gives my customers a possibility to create their own sets. This simple thing definitely makes my online store more attractive! Thank you guys!
Review by John Kent / (Posted on 3/5/2015)